Preparing an income tax return is much more than just anything ticked off the to-do list every year. There is a probability of tax minimization and, at the same time, ensuring that all the statutory obligations are met. MSS Tax Service is a secure, efficient, and fast destination for your business tax returns. From self-managed super funds and simple individual tax returns to complex International corporations, MSS Tax Service helps you navigate the complexities of relevant international and local legislation. We prepare the process of lodging company tax returns stress-free and easy for business operators.

As a part of tax service in Australia, we deliver:

  • A secure and safe environment approved by ATO for treating your business and personal details confidentially
  • A process of detailed review for identifying the opportunities that are tax-efficient via relevant tax planning and advice
  • Comprehensive services which include every aspect of your personal and financial position
  • Comprehensive analysis of every financial circumstance of your business

Our vast array of tax return services includes:

  • Superannuation funds
  • Joint venture tax return
  • Trust tax return
  • Partnership tax return
  • Sole trader tax return
  • Company tax return

Skillful advisors at MSS Tax Service provide professional direction to top net worth individuals and businesses. We assure you that you get the proper advice that ensures a sustainable difference in your business. We endeavor to empower and educate you to grow your profit and revenue and make better decisions. Self-managed super funds might deliver some wonderful opportunities for building the wealth of your business and thus have an efficient tax structure. Irrespective of the business’ size, the proper decision has to be made by the business owner that can have taxation consequences.

What Makes us Unique?The dedicated staffs of our company are both knowledgeable and friendly. Moreover, we empower our clients with proper information and tools. You can have a chance to understand your tax returns and accounts, which will help you gain confidence. We hold a transparent and flexible approach to our client relationships. You receive your documents in paper format, and a meeting is scheduled through an online portal for clients. The accounting and communication needs of different businesses vary, and we work in a manner that is compatible with your individual requirements.


MSS Tax Service makes Accounting & Taxation simple! A professionally trained, committed to perfection & inspired by values.


Our Tax Planning Services:Have you ever considered how nice it would be to pay less tax year after year? To run or own a successful business, year-end tax planning is a must for the overall strategy of a business. Tax planning services are offered to the business clients during the season March-May. Thus, the clients can implement strategies for legitimate tax savings before the end of the year. Depending on your personal and business situation, this helps reduce the amount that needs to be paid for the year.

Our Bookkeeping Services:

For some business owners, tracking transactions of business and doing books is both frustrating and time. Our bookkeeping services help you with-

  • Keeping everything organized, efficient and clean
  • Making a house for the payments of superannuation
  • Avoiding penalties of ATO that results because of late submission
  • Understanding and managing the expenditure
  • Coding and entering the transactions properly
  • Using the correct software to get started and set up the books

Our services will help you in the long run, and you can focus on core areas of your business. Sole traders and individual taxpayers pay the same tax but at the individual tax rate. As the rates get changed every time, it is advised to pay heed and stay updated on the year to start reporting. You must seek proper advice for your business’ income tax returns. Get in touch with us to secure thorough, efficient, and fast handling of tax returns.