Property investment can be an exciting or unnerving, and worrying experience at the same time with a lot of pitfalls for the unwary. Utilizing the services of MSS Tax Service will ensure that your investment in property experience will be both highly rewarding and pleasurable. How you set up your investment property will have a great impact on its upcoming viability and profitability.

After sourcing a suitable property for you, our main role is to ensure that your investment property is properly structured from the early stages. We are there with the property investors throughout their lifecycle, from purchasing your first property to growing asset base until retirement. MSS Tax Service will ensure that their clients maximize to the fullest possible tax benefits associated with their property investment. Many investors likely miss out on this crucial area.

While you are purchasing your first property, we assist you with-

  • Advice on the Best Structuring
  • Tax Returns
  • Property Investment Tax Analysis and Investment

At the time of growing your asset base, we prepare-

  • Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Tax Deductions
  • Negative vs. Positive Gearing
  • Tax Depreciation Reports

During the retirement time of property investors we-

  • Access Superannuation
  • Manage the Investment Portfolio of the Investors
  • Prepare Debt Reduction Strategies

Interested in Property Investment?

We de-mystify property investment and Capital gain tax. We are updated to the latest norms relating to investment and business opportunities. Interested in property investment? Visit our office and consult with our accountants. Our accountants will be highly pleased to-

  • Discuss the disadvantages and benefits of buying an investment property
  • Explore whether you are well prepared to make an entry into the property market
  • Highlight the implications of tax while buying an investment property
  • Discuss tax deductions and common claims
  • Advice on the best asset
  • Seek advice from our partners who specialize in market and property trends


MSS Tax Service makes Accounting & Taxation simple! A professionally trained, committed to perfection & inspired by values.


Tax Benefits in Investment Property

Seeking help from professionals is always advisable as they can advise you by not breaking the tax office rules. If you maintain proper records, it will help you maximize your investment in the investment of property tax. Home expenses must always be separated from the rental property. Also, you must hold onto the receipts unless you cannot claim expenses on tax. A common scenario in investment property is negative gearing, where rental income is less than expenditure. This means that you are facing a loss. When your investment costs you money, you must have an alternative source of income for funding your expenses.

In your income tax return, capital gains need to be reported. In your income, the capital gain is added, which in turn increases the tax paid by you. Seeking advice from an advisor is necessary on the amount of tax one has to pay, keeping aside the funds to cover the relevant amount. Capital gain tax is not relevant on depreciating assets like fitting on rental property and business equipment. If you have incurred a loss, you can’t claim it on alternative incomes, and it will assist in reducing the capital gain.

Being an Australian resident foreign income tax return refers to the fact that you have to pay tax on global income. Income tax return on foreign exchange has to be returned. Business income is included in foreign income. So for every foreign business activity, you have to pay an Australian tax return. When owning any asset or performing any investment outside Australia, foreign income tax return has to be declared, including interest on bank deposits, income from super funds, government pensions, share and dividends, rental income, and pensions.

One-Stop Property Service for the Investors

MSS Tax Service makes taxation and accounting simple. We are inspired by values, committed to perfection, and professionally trained. We advise you to think properly while making investment decisions. Don’t forget to ask the proper questions, learn from the professionals at your fingertips, and do proper homework before investing.

Over many years we have been working with various property investors. We have experienced it all, from the ones thriving naturally for making a property portfolio to the ones who become unsuccessful and end up in a very undesirable and complicated situation. MSS Tax Service offers a completely integrated one-stop property service for investors. We help you with every facet that is involved in setting up your investment property properly.

When it comes to property investment, our investors help in-

  • Purchasing the right kind of property
  • Purchasing in the proper location
  • Making money out of the investments and
  • At the end of the financial year, accessing your property for capital gain tax

The Australian tax laws regarding capital gains and property gains keep on changing. So you must keep yourself updated. You being our client, will not be left in the dark over the entire process. We have prepared our property investor checklist when you are a first-time property investor. From this, you can gain insight into various steps that need to be followed to maximize your success at the time of property investment. We will email the checklist directly to you, and you can fill in your details there.