To build a secure future means you have to take a long-term view of the position you want to see yourself in and develop a proper strategy to achieve that goal. It begins with understanding you, your objectives, values, and needs. By understanding deeply, we can provide advice that suits your best interest. Our advisors are here to help you develop an investment strategy and financial plan that meets your present and future objectives. We’ll be there for you in every step of the way, be it saving for the education of your child, investment advice, or retirement planning.

Our extensive range of advice and services lets you live peacefully because you know that your tax needs are handled by specialists who are looking at your financial condition holistically. We are here to protect, manage and grow your wealth. You are like a family to us, and we are by your side throughout your lifecycle. When you start your career, we assist you in setting a budget, lodge an individual tax return and help you with tax planning.


MSS Tax Service makes Accounting & Taxation simple! A professionally trained, committed to perfection & inspired by values.


In the prime time of your life, we assist you with budgeting and planning for shares, property and other investments, and foreign income. We handle our clients’ tax implication and divorce settlements, family structures and trusts, tax returns, reporting, and superannuation accounting during your family time. In retirement, we take care of deceased estates, manage investments, and access superannuation.


Treating You Like Our Family

Irrespective of your salary, occupation, and background, our objective is to provide value, and we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. We implement tax-effective strategies and thus, deliver you a personalized and caring service to legally help you lessen your liability of personal income. Our face-to-face catch-up approach helps us gain insight into some extra claims you might be entitled to and your requirements. It also helps us find ways for tax refunds and minimize your claims, estate planning, tax implications, and negative gearing on shares and investment properties, running your own business, and setting up and effectively running self-managed super funds.